Thank you for visiting my website.

I aim to engage with you (students, businessmen, professionals, policymakers and others) and make available academic research and scientific evidence in the area of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), Science, Technology & Innovation (STI), Sustainability, and Spirituality in a more accessible and understandable form.

Research & theory are generally considered far apart from policy and practice. The two, however, are mutually dependent in the sense that research can inform policymakers to make evidence-based policy decisions. Similarly, several public policy problems subsequently become stimulating research questions and hypotheses for academic researchers to find solutions. Unfortunately, as researchers or academicians, we are trained to communicate our findings to others in a strictly narrow, jargon-filled language. Ultimately, it becomes inaccessible and useless for relevant people to understand and apply such evidence in their profession. 

Here, I make a humble effort to present scientific evidence and policy research to everyone in everyday language to help close the “theory-practice” gap. Additionally, I also intend to share my own thoughts, reflections, and experiences in the path of my spiritual journey with Sahaja Yoga

I hope you enjoy browsing through this website and find some of its posts relevant to your personal and professional life.

What I Do

I am an affiliated researcher with the Center for Innovation and Trade Economy. This non-profit economic research organization studies the role of technology and trade in economic development. 

I also practice Sahaja Yoga to experience holistic integration and a spontaneous state of balance between mind, body and spirit through meditation.

My Past Experiences

Fellow & Consultant: CUTS Institute for Regulations and Competition, Delhi, India
(Sep, 2018 – Feb, 2020)
Conducted research on promoting innovation and competition for efficient use of Intellectual Property (IP) in India. You may access research reports [here] & [here]

Teaching Assistant & Doctoral student : Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi
(Jan 2013- Jan 2019)
Completed Ph.D. in the field of economics of innovation and technology transfer and provided teaching assistance for Master’s degree (MBA) courses like: Management of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Strategic Technology Management, Managerial Economics; Technology Transfer and IPRs, and Business Research Methods.

Assistant Professor: Inderprastha Engineering College, School of Management, Ghaziabad
(Aug 2011 – Dec 2012)
Taught Bachelor’s degree (B.Tech) courses like : Managerial Economics, Industrial Engineering; & Master’s degree (MBA) course – International Business

Lecturer and Corporate Connect Officer: Vishveshwarya Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad, India